Making the first gift

Last week was my best friend’s birthday. Her name is Anna.  She is so very pretty with a round face, a long black hair and the sharking eyes.  She and I grew up together. Her mother and my mother are also friends of each other. We treat each other as siblings. We share a lot of things like learning, love, ..a lot of things that I don’t share with my family. Therefore, I am very like her so much. I wanted to give her a special and meaning gift. But I had not ideal.  One day, when I was surfing, I accidentally saw a video about how to make a wooden pen  A way to make a wooden box pen is very easy. This figure is so beautiful, simple and unique. I think my best friend will like it. After that, I began to make it.

I looked at people doing very simple but until I start working. I didn’t know what to do first. I had to call a friend of my carpentry to ask him to help me. He said that I should refer to Best Woodworking Books to know about how to make any items from wood. The web what my friend suggests is so amazing. I can know more knowledge about woodworking than before on it.

After I studied it, I want to a carpentry shop to buy wood for a box. According to some review of the carpenter. I chose a piece of oak. Because Oakwood is very durable and smells good. The fragrance from it helps people reduce stress and depress. I think it is very suitable for my best friend. A final exam is coming soon. We have to study a lot. The smell of this box pen will help her more relaxed.

After choosing wood. I started searching the internet to choose a meaningful image to engrave into the body of the box pen. After a long time, I chose to engrave the words “make friends forever”. To hope we will be friends forever. The inscription is extremely difficult for beginners like me. I have consulted on Best Chisels to choose the most suitable wood chisel for me.

In the wood cutting step, I used a chainsaw of my father. But I alone could not cut the wood according to the measurements I had prepared. therefore. I had to ask my father to help me. He used Wood Level to keep balance for wooden panels. That helps me cut wood more easily.  After that, I used glue to glue the edges together. And the pen box was complete. I also used paint to draw on the pen box to make it more vivid

On my friend’s Birthday, I gave it from her. She looked at me with surprised eyes for about 2 seconds. She hugged me while crying and said she was very touched. She also said she really liked the pen box I gave. It is very unique and cute. She had never seen anything like it before. Looking at her like it a lot, I’m very happy. The effort and time I spent making it extremely worthy.

The day after we went to school, she brought the pen box I gave to show off to everyone in our class. Everyone huddled to see it. They also praised me skillfully. Some of them also asked me how to make it. Because they also want to make the one like that give people whom they love. I am extremely willing to show them from the detailed step. Moreover, I showed them some notes about what I encountered.

Because people praised. I was more confident in my woodworking skills. I have done a lot of school supplies. Like wooden pens, wooden rulers or even wooden bookshelves… One of them for me to use, I saved some money. Some of us  I  give to my friends and relatives. The rest I posted online to sell for money.

After learning about how to make wood. I feel it is very interesting. I can freely create a lot of things I like myself with a wooden board. If you don’t have much money to go buy wood. You can use wood panels from the items you want to throw away.

Why don’t you try to make something to give to friends and relatives like me. Trust me. That will make a person who was given very touched.

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