How to make simple wooden recycled photo frames

If you are wondering what gifts to give to friends or family, handmade recycled wood frames are a really precious and wonderful gift. Here are 2 ways to make recycled wooden photo frames that you should consult.

  1. Method 1


  • 4 pieces of old wood with a width of about 5.1 cm.

  • Wood material can be obtained from old wood sources such as old furniture, old cabinets, old beds…
  • Wood-stick glue machine( You can use Best wood chisels to make the frame more solid.)
  • A picture what you want to put in the frame
  • Hardcover to place behind the frame

Note: If you do not want to cut the wood yourself, you can bring it to the wooden store, they will cut according to your required measurements.


  • After cutting into 4 pieces of equal wood. Put them in the frame on the table and then use a wood gluing machine to attach them

  • Cutting a cardboard cover for the back of the frame. Apply glue to the back of the frame at the three edges except for the top edge. This helps you to easily slide images into frames.
  • Frame decoration: Depending on your preferences, you can decorate the frame according to your preferences. For example, paint colors on the frame, use a pen to draw a picture on the frame or simply use of the snail shell to stick glue to the surface of the frame, … All of them help the frame become more creative and outstanding.

  • Put the image inside the frame. So you’ve finished the small photo frame with recycled wood.
  1. Method 2


  • Use pallets(You can refer to Wood Level to find the type of wood you like)
  • Ruler for measuring photo frames
  • Wood saws( you can use a Best Chainsaw…)
  • Hardcover to place behind the frame


  • Find 4 pallets of wood to form the edges of the frame and make sure they are the same size. To avoid mistakes, you should prepare some other pieces. In the wrong case, it can be replaced.

  • Decide the frame size. Use rulers and saw them into the edges of the frame. If you don’t know how to use a saw or have no experience, you can bring it to the furniture store to ask for help cutting the frame.
  • Using glue to assemble cut wooden plates into a square. Moreover, use clamps to stabilize corners and make them more compact and tidy. Do not touch it until the glue is completely dry, remove the clamp.

  • Similarly, decorate and place the image in the frame as method 1


You don’t lose any money to do it. Why don’t you try doing it right away! Be creative to make the most unique photo frame. Hope the article helps you! You can refer to Best Woodworking Books to learn more about carpentry

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