Some tips when first making furniture at home

You are a passionate and love of wood products. But you don’t have much money to buy those products. Why don’t you try making wooden furniture for your family? For the first time, it is difficult to make wooden items at home, so you need advice from people who go first. Please refer to the 6 useful tips when you first make furniture at home below.

  1. Let’s start by getting familiar with simple products

With this first product, you can both work and practice and experience carpentry skills, from simple operations such as measuring length, cutting straight or joining two pieces of wood together. It’s easy to make mistakes with your first product, so it’s better to make mistakes with simple, unimportant items.

Some basic products when working with wood that you should know like: ruler, wood planer, cutting machine, Best Makita drill,  …

  1. Work first with the template

When going for a walk in the mall, interior center, take photos of the interior designs that you find pleasant and impressive. If you are lazy out. You can search on google. You can find many unique products. Before embarking on fabrication, imagine the materials, the amount of wood and other tools you will need. Go to the building materials store and get a quote( you can refer to Wood Level, to find the suitable wood) then calculate how much you will spend on it.

Note: You are making furniture yourself to save costs, so calculate how to save the money that is worth the effort you have invested.

  1. Learn the process before doing it

The drawings or pictures of the item cannot tell you how to put the pieces of wood together, or the most effective wood cutting method for each material. In addition, if you use electrical tools like a chainsaw(You can refer to the Best chainsaw to choose the type of saw that suits you), but you have never touched it before, it is best to read the user guide carefully. or learn how to use on the Internet

  1. Measure 2 times, cut 1 stroke

If you want to save a lot of money from making this product yourself, this will be the motto for you. Don’t be too hasty at any stage, consider carefully before each operation. You can mark each piece of wood – so you will not confuse this piece with another piece and avoid having to cut it again.

  1. Don’t rush to buy expensive tools
Máy làm mộc

This may be the most common mistake of newcomers. They often look to buy the best and newest tools possible at the store.

However, if you are not really experienced, borrow tools from friends and neighbors to try to close simple things first. Then, once you get used to them, you can buy them yourself later.

  1. Invite a friend to do it

If you have a friend who is also interested in making this furniture, it will be interesting if you two work together. Not to mention, there are many stages you will need help with – for example, one cut while the other holds the wood.


With these tips, hope to help you create successful carpentry products for your own family. In addition, to make furniture faster and easier, you can refer to Best woodworking books to find the tools you need.

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