The process of making wooden Buddha statues

Playing feng shui furniture as well as beautiful wooden statues is the elegant joy of many people since ancient times. To pray for luck, happiness, wealth.  People can invest billions of dollars to make beautiful wooden statues of “big value” for themselves. To get a perfect Buddha statue made from beautiful wood, Artisans must go through a hard and meticulous process with many stages from wood selection, shaping, rough carving, … Follow our article below to get an overview of the process of making wooden Buddha statues!

  1. Choose wood

  • If you want a beautiful wooden statue, carefully choosing wood is extremely important( you can refer to Best Woodworking Books for more ways to process wood).
  • A valuable wooden statue must be monolithic, not patchwork and paired.
  • Wood color must be standard. and especially the wood veins must be clear. You can choose high-quality woods(You can find out at Wood Level for more details on the quality of wood) such as oak wood, Dalbergia cochinchinensis, Santai wood, cypress wood, and ebony wood. Depends on financial ability and needs.
  1. How to Do it

Manufacturing process:

  • Step 1: The first is to create a model for the product: Based on the size of the wood block or the customer’s requirements, the worker will give the idea and describe the appearance and size of the statue in the drawing.
  • Step 2: Next is the “Break” step:

Woodcarver will measure, then use the saw( in Best circular saw) to cut the wood block according to the size and shape of the drawing. This is the first stage, shaping the statue in a primitive and most general way.

  • Step 3: Shaping the statue:

In charge of this stage is the helper. They are responsible for roughing the statue. The statue gradually takes its morphological shape, however, it is not really complete. At this stage, Helper carved simple details like the abdomen, legs, arms, head, …

  • Step 4: Engraving details, perfecting the statue

The main engraver is responsible for the difficult period and spends the most time in the process of carving wooden statues. Difficult details such as facial expressions, patterns, motifs, etc. Workers use the best wood chisel to create the most perfect statue. Moreover, they have to engrave in a very detailed and meticulous way because just one mistake can ruin the statue.

Especially in the face, this is the most difficult detail, the craftsman must be skillful and sophisticated in each drawing to be able to express the charisma of the statue.

  • Step 5: Paint for statues

After pressing sandpaper for a smooth statue. Workers turn to paint. The painting also needs meticulous, careful and elaborate to express the soul of the statue.


Through learning about the process of making wooden Buddha statues. Hopefully, you have a basic understanding of the marvelous, meticulous process of artisans to create a valuable artistic statue. Since then, there is a respectful attitude towards items of such high spiritual value.

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