Handmade wooden bracelets

You can easily buy bracelets with different styles and categories in gem stores, grocery stores, … But why don’t you try making a bracelet by hand? When you put an effort to make a bracelet for your beloved friend is extremely meaningful and makes your friend love you more. Reading the article and try making handmade bracelets!

  1. Raw material

With handmade bracelets, you can make from many different materials, which can be beaded bracelets, bracelets made in vintage style… But, wood materials are increasingly loved by young people. because of its both luxurious and classic beauty.

Material for making wooden bracelets is:

  • 1 wooden ring / or 1 wooden tube( You can refer to Wood Level to find out what kind of wood is suitable for yourself. )
  • Painting color
  • Colorless nail polish
  • Sandpaper
  • Sparkling plastic beads or other accessories for decoration
  1. How to do it
  • Step 1: In the first step, you draw a color layer you like for the ring to be the background.

  • Step 2: After coloring, wait for the color to dry, we take sandpaper rubbing around the ring to make the color deposits or rough areas of the wood go away. So wearing a new ring does not hurt your hands.

  • Step 3: Then we proceeded to draw favorite motifs like flowers, triangular flags, grass … they are very easy to implement and are most popular among teenagers.

  • Step 4: After this color layer dried, we brushed a nail polish onto the ring to keep the color. After painting the ball dry. It’s time our bracelet has been completed. It’s that easy, isn’t it!
  1. Finished

With this way, you can freely create, create your favorite drawings. If you don’t have the skill, you should draw simple shapes like flags and flowers. You can also cut gift wrap paper into a triangle, then you use glue to stick on the wooden ring, you will get the flag right away! Very simple. Of course, if you’re a skillful teenager, You can also use Best wood Chisels to make your bracelet more refined.


Through this article, you will be able to make yourself stylish and fashionable bracelets. If you have time, make your friend one for you to have a friendship bracelet. I wish you make the successful implementation of this handmade bracelet! You can refer to Best Woodworking Books to make other things from wood.

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