Decorate houses from wood chips

Wood materials are used a lot in interior decoration as well as home decoration. But the price of this material is quite expensive. You can make your living space more beautiful, more vivid with … wood chips. Why not? That is very simple.  You can make use of wooden bars that can be easily obtained from carpentry workshops, or reused from old wooden furniture. With your creativity, you can create a wealth of unique and luxurious furniture. Most importantly, you won’t lose any money to do that. Let ’s try the suggestions below!

  1. Chandelier from tree roots

Have you seen beautiful chandeliers from tree roots? This is really a good idea for the dining table and bar in your home!. How to make it very simple. You just need to tie the branches or roots of the tree together. Then, you dry, spray paint, stick candles, coil and hang them on the ceiling.

  1. Wood wall

Walls built from recycled wood are one of the hottest interior trends today. With this wall, depending on your preference, you can pair pieces of wood with different sizes or colors.

You can nail and hang additional decorations on it as you like.

  1. Chevron clothes hangers

This is a super simple way that still creates a unique space for your home. You can completely do it with just a tall wooden stick, a hand saw, and sandpaper to smooth the wood surface. Using a chainsaw to cut a wooden stick into a shape of hooks that look upwards like tree branches. Sanding for smooth wood surfaces. That’s done, you can put it in the corner of the door to hang your jacket.

  1. Wooden clothes hangers

If you need more space for your clothes, you try making a wooden clothes hanger with a leather hanger attached to the wall. Using Best Makita, drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Chainsaw  … to make your clothes hanger surer! This way will make your home space look like a fashion store – simple but sparkling,


I have provided some suggestions for you to decorate your home, room with wood chips. Hope it useful for you!

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