Homemade plant pots from milled wood

Typically, a plant pot is made of ceramic and porcelain. But if you are not careful, those ceramic pots are very fragile and ruin your tree. We can make wooden pots by ourselves. Why not? Making potted plants from wood is simple without cost but still very luxurious and unique. Let’s start to make it?

1. Raw materials
• 4 wooden panels with sizes of 14cm x 16cm. To make the edges of the pots
• A wooden board measuring 14cm x 14cm. To make the bottom of the pot
• Wood glue
• The nails
• Priming Paint.
• Paint water in white, blue (or paint color you like)
• Tapes to block paint.
• Paintbrush
• Pencil.
• Hammer and drill ( You should use the Best woodworking tools like Best Makita drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Cordless Drills, …)

2. How to do it
Step 1: First, you apply glue on the edges of the wood used for the bottom

Step 2: Now you put the wooden panels into squares like this


after that, you attach the wooden panels to the edge of the pot to the wooden plate to the bottom.
Step 3: To make sure the pot is sure, you use the hammer to nail on the dried glue.

Step 4: Next, you use primers and paint brushes to paint one or two coats of white primer on the basin.

Step 5: You can paint both inside and outside the pot! When the primer is dry, marking the locations you want to decorate with paint-resistant tape.

Step 6: Now, painting the blue paint on the edge of the pot where the tape is placed to prevent paint. After drying the paint, peel off the adhesive tape

Step 7: Leave pots to drain well, using a drill( as Best Makita drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Cordless Drills, Best Drill Presses……) to drill some holes in the bottom of the pot. Then you plant plants in pots. it’s done.

With making pots like this, you can save money to buy decorative pots. Moreover, the plant pot made of wood is more durable than porcelain pots and ceramic pots.
if you can make a pot of wood from pieces of wood, you will be able to use it forever, until you want to leave it.

Let’s start making a wooden pot! You can create, draw funny, lovely shapes and highlight your own personality.

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