The outstanding benefits of pruning saws

Do you know what a pruning saw is? I am sure that most gardeners and people who love gardening will know this tool. On the market today, there are many different types of pruning saws with full designs, colors, sizes that suit the needs of everyone. Besides supporting you cut ugly branches and large branches easily and effectively, it also can create aesthetic beauty for your plants.

For you to understand more about the excellent features of this saw. in this article, I will present its advantages in detail for you to know and consider purchasing if needed. I do not let you wait any longer. Let’s begin to find out.

Control the size of the tree

Like other pruning tools, pruning saws have the main advantage of controlling the size of the tree. Your plants can grow out of control and can become an eyesore if not pruned. In particular, it helps to prune diseased branches on the tree without early and timely removal that can spread to other branches. Therefore, the use of a saw is essential especially for trees with large branches that other tools such as scissors cannot cut.

Prevent injuries and damage

Besides being able to trim effectively to create an aesthetic for your plants. It also helps you avoid injuries and property damage as well. You are wondering what that means, right? I will explain in detail right here. Helping to avoid injury means you could be injured like falling or scratching your skin if you accidentally touch long branches that block your path. Therefore, using saws helps you solve that. Help you walk around the garden easily and do not worry about being injured. Regarding property protection, I will take the example of houses with large branches touching the roof. When it rains, the branches that are too big will be rubbed against the roof of your house. Not only does it upset every family member, but it can also damage your roof. If you encounter either of these two situations, I am sure you need to buy a pruning saw right away.

Improve the health of plants

How does it improve the health of plants? I think that many of you are doubting this advantage, right? I did a specific experiment. I bought two bonsai at the same time. But I only pay attention to care and trim one. And with another tree, I did nothing. About a week later I got the result. The tree that is not pruned by me, It shows signs of death,  and suffer from various diseases caused by pests or fungi. Of course, with the tree I trimmed regularly, it grows very well and does not produce any pests.

Therefore, buying a pruning saw is essential for you who do not want your plants to have health problems. Because through pruning, you can remove dry leaves and be susceptible to fungal and pest infections. And helping plants grow fast and normal.

Improve flowering and fruit production ability of plants

If you have the case of trees in your garden that has been planted for a long time. You take care and fertilize it carefully and frequently. But it showed no signs of flowering and fruit. You do not know how to solve this problem? Don’t worry, you only need to use a pruning saw to resolve this difficulty. Besides applying pruning saws to trim and maintain the look of your tree, you are also increasing your chances of bearing fruit or flowering. The pruning is extremely effective. This makes it easier for sunlight to pass through your gaps and branches. thus making it absorb more light and become healthier. You should do this job every 3-6 months is appropriate. I am sure that shortly after you will be extremely excited about the results you see.

Besides the above advantages, pruning saws also have several advantages related to features, as follows:

Durable and sharp: The blade of this tool is made from rust-proof metal. This makes the saw possible to use for a long time without worrying about damage or rust. Besides, Along with durability is sharpness. It is very carefully and firmly sculpted by the artisans. Therefore, you can easily prune all wood easily and effortlessly.

Comfortable handle: After paying attention to the blade of the tool, now you need to pay attention to its handle. Because, if the handle is comfortable and flexible will support you to work more efficiently and quickly. With other tools, I don’t know.  But with this type of saw, you can be assured of the quality of the handle. The handle of this saw is made from many different materials from rubber to plastic easily for you to select. And especially its shape is unique, you can feel like you are holding a gun. This design is very popular and it creates a sense of comfort for users.

In conclusion

I have finished showing you some of the outstanding advantages of pruning saws. Do you find the information above useful and necessary for you? And are you ready to get for your family? If you require to purchase it, I have a note for you. You should buy brands that are well-known and get at reputable establishments to ensure quality. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

Reference source:

A wood doll

Last week, when I came home from school.  I found a very modern black car at the gate. I wonder who comes. I entered the house. I saw my father sitting and talking to a strange man. Looking at that man is probably the same age as me.  But I didn’t realize who he is?. He saw me staring at him. he smiled and approached me saying “don’t recognize me”. Then he took the photo that we had taken with together when we were young. I just remembered. He is called Dung, a childhood friend of mine. I didn’t meet him for about 5 years. I remember that he went abroad to study when we studied class 9. The day he left, I cried a lot. I very miss him. I can’t believe this is my friend. In the past, he had black skin and an ugly face. But now He is so handsome like a superstar of Korea with a while skin, a strange nose, and height on meter 9.

Later. I asked him to come into my room to speak freely. I forgot. This morning I taught late, I forgot to fold the curtain, my clothes were full on the bed. He went into my room and saw the messy things on my bed laughing and saying, “You are not different before”. I wanted to hit him. He always teased me like that.

We talked for a long time. He told me a lot of things when he was abroad. And I also told him many things about me. When he was about to leave, he gave me an extremely cute box. He told me that when he left, I just could open it. When I went to my room. I opened the gift package. I can not believe it. He gave me an extremely cute and unique wooden doll. I have never seen it before. When I press the button behind it. It can even sing and dance. I really like it. I called him immediately after that. I thanked him and made an appointment to drink with him tonight.

When we met. I asked him where he bought the doll so beautiful. He told that he was made it. I was surprised. He added. He studied carpentry abroad. This doll is the first product that he was made by hand. Although it was his first product, he created such a delicate and lively doll. I think he is skillful.

I asked him how he could make it. I want to try making a doll like that. I also really like carpentry. he was very happy to guide me. First, he asked me to read on Best Woodworking  Books for beginners to learn about carpentry and wood products. I also know this web. That is so popular. I had listened to it from my friend. It is so useful for people who just study about carpentry. Moreover, He is very kind. He even lent me his wooden chisel. He said that he was afraid I could not cut wood by hand. So, he also helps me cut wood by hand saw.for me.

After about a week. I have finished my product. Many times I wanted to give up. I thought it was simple to do it. But when I started working. What a problem. I had to be meticulous step by step. I think the most difficult is at the stage of carving the doll’s body parts. Like eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet. For example, when I carve the doll’s eyes. I want to make the most soulful and vivid eyes. So, it took me 2 days to engrave the perfect eyes. Fortunately, my friend – Dung is always beside me instructing and cheering me up. I am grateful for him a lot.

Only two days left. he is out of vacation. he must go back to study. I am very sad about that. I don’t know what can do to give him. After a night of thinking. I will make him a male doll look like him. I think he will be very surprised by my idea. I will do it now.

Why don’t you try to make something of wood for your friends or relatives? I am sure that They are very moving when see you making it by owns. Let’s try now!

Making the first gift

Last week was my best friend’s birthday. Her name is Anna.  She is so very pretty with a round face, a long black hair and the sharking eyes.  She and I grew up together. Her mother and my mother are also friends of each other. We treat each other as siblings. We share a lot of things like learning, love, ..a lot of things that I don’t share with my family. Therefore, I am very like her so much. I wanted to give her a special and meaning gift. But I had not ideal.  One day, when I was surfing, I accidentally saw a video about how to make a wooden pen  A way to make a wooden box pen is very easy. This figure is so beautiful, simple and unique. I think my best friend will like it. After that, I began to make it.

I looked at people doing very simple but until I start working. I didn’t know what to do first. I had to call a friend of my carpentry to ask him to help me. He said that I should refer to Best Woodworking Books to know about how to make any items from wood. The web what my friend suggests is so amazing. I can know more knowledge about woodworking than before on it.

After I studied it, I want to a carpentry shop to buy wood for a box. According to some review of the carpenter. I chose a piece of oak. Because Oakwood is very durable and smells good. The fragrance from it helps people reduce stress and depress. I think it is very suitable for my best friend. A final exam is coming soon. We have to study a lot. The smell of this box pen will help her more relaxed.

After choosing wood. I started searching the internet to choose a meaningful image to engrave into the body of the box pen. After a long time, I chose to engrave the words “make friends forever”. To hope we will be friends forever. The inscription is extremely difficult for beginners like me. I have consulted on Best Chisels to choose the most suitable wood chisel for me.

In the wood cutting step, I used a chainsaw of my father. But I alone could not cut the wood according to the measurements I had prepared. therefore. I had to ask my father to help me. He used Wood Level to keep balance for wooden panels. That helps me cut wood more easily.  After that, I used glue to glue the edges together. And the pen box was complete. I also used paint to draw on the pen box to make it more vivid

On my friend’s Birthday, I gave it from her. She looked at me with surprised eyes for about 2 seconds. She hugged me while crying and said she was very touched. She also said she really liked the pen box I gave. It is very unique and cute. She had never seen anything like it before. Looking at her like it a lot, I’m very happy. The effort and time I spent making it extremely worthy.

The day after we went to school, she brought the pen box I gave to show off to everyone in our class. Everyone huddled to see it. They also praised me skillfully. Some of them also asked me how to make it. Because they also want to make the one like that give people whom they love. I am extremely willing to show them from the detailed step. Moreover, I showed them some notes about what I encountered.

Because people praised. I was more confident in my woodworking skills. I have done a lot of school supplies. Like wooden pens, wooden rulers or even wooden bookshelves… One of them for me to use, I saved some money. Some of us  I  give to my friends and relatives. The rest I posted online to sell for money.

After learning about how to make wood. I feel it is very interesting. I can freely create a lot of things I like myself with a wooden board. If you don’t have much money to go buy wood. You can use wood panels from the items you want to throw away.

Why don’t you try to make something to give to friends and relatives like me. Trust me. That will make a person who was given very touched.

Making a wood calendar

You want to do something both luxurious and unique and take a little money. But you have no idea. why don’t you try making a wood calendar? It’s easy to make it. It not only makes your desk more colorful and unique than before but also makes you more interested in work. Moreover, Wood calendar is also a meaningful gift for colleagues or maybe your relatives.

So let’s make a wooden calendar with me now!

  1. Prepare
  • 13 rectangular wooden frames for making days and months ( you can refer to Wood level to make a suitable wood for yourself)
  • 1 large piece of wood to make a calendar hinge
  • 1 sheet of yellow glossy paper
  • Scissors, paper knives
  • Drill( you can use Markita drill. It is easy to use)
  • Chisel ( you can refer to Best wood chisels)
  • Acrylic paint and color paint
  • Glue, paint brush
  • 3 screw hooks
  1. Making

Step 1: firstly, you print the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 (for the first digit of the day), the numbers from 0 to 9 (for the second digit of the day) and the months (January, February, March,..) onto the yellow paper cover. If you don’t have a printer or like to be creative, you can draw your own fonts!

Step 2:  Drill or chisel a hole large enough to mount a hanging screw.

Step 3: Paint color on all pieces of wood. You can customize the color by month to add a lively part.

Step 4: Cut out the numbers and letters and carefully paste them into each piece of wood.

Step 5: Then you attach the screw hooks evenly along the top edge of the calendar board.

Step 6: Attaching the month and day corresponding to the calendar table is complete!

From now on, instead of having to tear up the calendar every day, you’ll change the numbered planks to know what day it is today !!

Conclusion:  Here are the detailed steps for making a wooden desk calendar. Very simple, right?. A wooden calendar is very convenient and versatile, you can easily carry it and can decorate this product wherever you want. why don’t you try making it now! ( You can find out about other wooden products in Best Woodworking Books

How to make simple wooden recycled photo frames

If you are wondering what gifts to give to friends or family, handmade recycled wood frames are a really precious and wonderful gift. Here are 2 ways to make recycled wooden photo frames that you should consult.

  1. Method 1


  • 4 pieces of old wood with a width of about 5.1 cm.

  • Wood material can be obtained from old wood sources such as old furniture, old cabinets, old beds…
  • Wood-stick glue machine( You can use Best wood chisels to make the frame more solid.)
  • A picture what you want to put in the frame
  • Hardcover to place behind the frame

Note: If you do not want to cut the wood yourself, you can bring it to the wooden store, they will cut according to your required measurements.


  • After cutting into 4 pieces of equal wood. Put them in the frame on the table and then use a wood gluing machine to attach them

  • Cutting a cardboard cover for the back of the frame. Apply glue to the back of the frame at the three edges except for the top edge. This helps you to easily slide images into frames.
  • Frame decoration: Depending on your preferences, you can decorate the frame according to your preferences. For example, paint colors on the frame, use a pen to draw a picture on the frame or simply use of the snail shell to stick glue to the surface of the frame, … All of them help the frame become more creative and outstanding.

  • Put the image inside the frame. So you’ve finished the small photo frame with recycled wood.
  1. Method 2


  • Use pallets(You can refer to Wood Level to find the type of wood you like)
  • Ruler for measuring photo frames
  • Wood saws( you can use a Best Chainsaw…)
  • Hardcover to place behind the frame


  • Find 4 pallets of wood to form the edges of the frame and make sure they are the same size. To avoid mistakes, you should prepare some other pieces. In the wrong case, it can be replaced.

  • Decide the frame size. Use rulers and saw them into the edges of the frame. If you don’t know how to use a saw or have no experience, you can bring it to the furniture store to ask for help cutting the frame.
  • Using glue to assemble cut wooden plates into a square. Moreover, use clamps to stabilize corners and make them more compact and tidy. Do not touch it until the glue is completely dry, remove the clamp.

  • Similarly, decorate and place the image in the frame as method 1


You don’t lose any money to do it. Why don’t you try doing it right away! Be creative to make the most unique photo frame. Hope the article helps you! You can refer to Best Woodworking Books to learn more about carpentry

Some tips when first making furniture at home

You are a passionate and love of wood products. But you don’t have much money to buy those products. Why don’t you try making wooden furniture for your family? For the first time, it is difficult to make wooden items at home, so you need advice from people who go first. Please refer to the 6 useful tips when you first make furniture at home below.

  1. Let’s start by getting familiar with simple products

With this first product, you can both work and practice and experience carpentry skills, from simple operations such as measuring length, cutting straight or joining two pieces of wood together. It’s easy to make mistakes with your first product, so it’s better to make mistakes with simple, unimportant items.

Some basic products when working with wood that you should know like: ruler, wood planer, cutting machine, Best Makita drill,  …

  1. Work first with the template

When going for a walk in the mall, interior center, take photos of the interior designs that you find pleasant and impressive. If you are lazy out. You can search on google. You can find many unique products. Before embarking on fabrication, imagine the materials, the amount of wood and other tools you will need. Go to the building materials store and get a quote( you can refer to Wood Level, to find the suitable wood) then calculate how much you will spend on it.

Note: You are making furniture yourself to save costs, so calculate how to save the money that is worth the effort you have invested.

  1. Learn the process before doing it

The drawings or pictures of the item cannot tell you how to put the pieces of wood together, or the most effective wood cutting method for each material. In addition, if you use electrical tools like a chainsaw(You can refer to the Best chainsaw to choose the type of saw that suits you), but you have never touched it before, it is best to read the user guide carefully. or learn how to use on the Internet

  1. Measure 2 times, cut 1 stroke

If you want to save a lot of money from making this product yourself, this will be the motto for you. Don’t be too hasty at any stage, consider carefully before each operation. You can mark each piece of wood – so you will not confuse this piece with another piece and avoid having to cut it again.

  1. Don’t rush to buy expensive tools
Máy làm mộc

This may be the most common mistake of newcomers. They often look to buy the best and newest tools possible at the store.

However, if you are not really experienced, borrow tools from friends and neighbors to try to close simple things first. Then, once you get used to them, you can buy them yourself later.

  1. Invite a friend to do it

If you have a friend who is also interested in making this furniture, it will be interesting if you two work together. Not to mention, there are many stages you will need help with – for example, one cut while the other holds the wood.


With these tips, hope to help you create successful carpentry products for your own family. In addition, to make furniture faster and easier, you can refer to Best woodworking books to find the tools you need.

The process of making wooden Buddha statues

Playing feng shui furniture as well as beautiful wooden statues is the elegant joy of many people since ancient times. To pray for luck, happiness, wealth.  People can invest billions of dollars to make beautiful wooden statues of “big value” for themselves. To get a perfect Buddha statue made from beautiful wood, Artisans must go through a hard and meticulous process with many stages from wood selection, shaping, rough carving, … Follow our article below to get an overview of the process of making wooden Buddha statues!

  1. Choose wood

  • If you want a beautiful wooden statue, carefully choosing wood is extremely important( you can refer to Best Woodworking Books for more ways to process wood).
  • A valuable wooden statue must be monolithic, not patchwork and paired.
  • Wood color must be standard. and especially the wood veins must be clear. You can choose high-quality woods(You can find out at Wood Level for more details on the quality of wood) such as oak wood, Dalbergia cochinchinensis, Santai wood, cypress wood, and ebony wood. Depends on financial ability and needs.
  1. How to Do it

Manufacturing process:

  • Step 1: The first is to create a model for the product: Based on the size of the wood block or the customer’s requirements, the worker will give the idea and describe the appearance and size of the statue in the drawing.
  • Step 2: Next is the “Break” step:

Woodcarver will measure, then use the saw( in Best circular saw) to cut the wood block according to the size and shape of the drawing. This is the first stage, shaping the statue in a primitive and most general way.

  • Step 3: Shaping the statue:

In charge of this stage is the helper. They are responsible for roughing the statue. The statue gradually takes its morphological shape, however, it is not really complete. At this stage, Helper carved simple details like the abdomen, legs, arms, head, …

  • Step 4: Engraving details, perfecting the statue

The main engraver is responsible for the difficult period and spends the most time in the process of carving wooden statues. Difficult details such as facial expressions, patterns, motifs, etc. Workers use the best wood chisel to create the most perfect statue. Moreover, they have to engrave in a very detailed and meticulous way because just one mistake can ruin the statue.

Especially in the face, this is the most difficult detail, the craftsman must be skillful and sophisticated in each drawing to be able to express the charisma of the statue.

  • Step 5: Paint for statues

After pressing sandpaper for a smooth statue. Workers turn to paint. The painting also needs meticulous, careful and elaborate to express the soul of the statue.


Through learning about the process of making wooden Buddha statues. Hopefully, you have a basic understanding of the marvelous, meticulous process of artisans to create a valuable artistic statue. Since then, there is a respectful attitude towards items of such high spiritual value.

Handmade wooden bracelets

You can easily buy bracelets with different styles and categories in gem stores, grocery stores, … But why don’t you try making a bracelet by hand? When you put an effort to make a bracelet for your beloved friend is extremely meaningful and makes your friend love you more. Reading the article and try making handmade bracelets!

  1. Raw material

With handmade bracelets, you can make from many different materials, which can be beaded bracelets, bracelets made in vintage style… But, wood materials are increasingly loved by young people. because of its both luxurious and classic beauty.

Material for making wooden bracelets is:

  • 1 wooden ring / or 1 wooden tube( You can refer to Wood Level to find out what kind of wood is suitable for yourself. )
  • Painting color
  • Colorless nail polish
  • Sandpaper
  • Sparkling plastic beads or other accessories for decoration
  1. How to do it
  • Step 1: In the first step, you draw a color layer you like for the ring to be the background.

  • Step 2: After coloring, wait for the color to dry, we take sandpaper rubbing around the ring to make the color deposits or rough areas of the wood go away. So wearing a new ring does not hurt your hands.

  • Step 3: Then we proceeded to draw favorite motifs like flowers, triangular flags, grass … they are very easy to implement and are most popular among teenagers.

  • Step 4: After this color layer dried, we brushed a nail polish onto the ring to keep the color. After painting the ball dry. It’s time our bracelet has been completed. It’s that easy, isn’t it!
  1. Finished

With this way, you can freely create, create your favorite drawings. If you don’t have the skill, you should draw simple shapes like flags and flowers. You can also cut gift wrap paper into a triangle, then you use glue to stick on the wooden ring, you will get the flag right away! Very simple. Of course, if you’re a skillful teenager, You can also use Best wood Chisels to make your bracelet more refined.


Through this article, you will be able to make yourself stylish and fashionable bracelets. If you have time, make your friend one for you to have a friendship bracelet. I wish you make the successful implementation of this handmade bracelet! You can refer to Best Woodworking Books to make other things from wood.

Wood is good for health

Most people use wood for interior decoration for the house. But almost no one knows that there are some healthy woods. So what are the best types of wood for health? Let’s find out in this article!

  1. Agarwood wood

Based on the Wood Level, agarwood is one of the most expensive woods in Vietnam today. People who have a lot of money are not sure to buy it. Because it is extremely rare. Why is it so rare?

  • Agarwood works to cure incurable diseases and some types of cancer.
  • When burned, its scent also helps circulate meridians, acupuncture points to reduce stress, fatigue, relax your mind, relax.
  • In addition, frankincense wood has a very good meaning in feng shui. It brings wealth, luck, banish evil spirits and health for homeowners,

Note: Because of its rarity. When handling wood you have to be very careful. (You can refer to the Best Woodworking Books to know more about the best woodworking tools)

  1. Cypress wood

The second rare wood is cypress wood. The cypress wood gives a very unique and charming scent, that scent can be stored for hundreds of years without having to be opaque or using scratch paper. Some applications of cypress wood:

  • People use the essential oil of cypress wood very much in the cosmetics industry, especially the perfume industry.
  • In addition, it is very good for human health with the effect of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, good disinfection. You can also use oil of cypress to massage your body.
  1. Camphor wood

Camphor wood has a spicy taste, aroma. it has the effect of reducing rheumatism, diuretic, flatulence, sweating, except dysentery. Besides, Camphor oil has the effect of eliminating inflammation and detoxification.

  1. Dalbergia odorifera

Application of wood:

  • The wood used in processing high-quality wood. (Woodworking workers use
  • It also has the effect of melting swollen, sweating and supporting the heart.


Through the article, we tried to show you some precious and rare woods. Besides, there are many other precious and healthy woods that we have not shown in this article. Hope it useful for you!

Wood material for bed

Nowadays, there are many types of beds on the market with different designs, colors, and materials that can meet all the needs of users. However, choosing a really good and suitable economic product is not easy. Wood material is one of the problems that families need to find out carefully before buying.

Based on the Wood level. we divided into two categories.

  1. Bed from natural wood material.

Samples of natural wood beds are favored by high durability, providing outstanding advantages in time value. Three popular types of natural wood selected for bedding are walnut, oak and sapele wood. Samples of natural wood beds are favored by high durability, providing outstanding advantages in time value. Three popular natural kinds of wood selected for beds are walnut, oak and sapele wood.

  • Walnut wood: The biggest advantages of walnut wooden beds are firm, smooth, painless and suitable for many different ages. Moreover, this type of wood is very good in termite resistance
  • Oakwood: Oakwood is widely chosen as a bed by outstanding features such as firmness, impressive color, beautiful texture, and good impact resistance.
  • Sapele wood: With hard, beautiful, compressive and good strength characteristics, sapele wood becomes popular wood used for the bed. Bed from Sapele wood is less warped, cracked over time. Moreover, it resists termites.

In addition to the popular types of wood, there are also birch wood, mahogany, rose-wood, Iron-wood,… Although these types of wood have many benefits. But their price is quite expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

  1. Bed from industrial wood

Besides natural wood, industrial wooden beds are becoming more and more popular. Although it cannot be used as long as natural wood, industrial wooden beds have affordable prices, rich designs suitable for many architectural styles from classical, neoclassical to modern.

Moreover, woodworkers have used wood processing tools in Best Woodworking Books .. to make the most perfect products


Through the article, I presented two different types of wood for your reference to buying. Hope they are useful for you!