Wood is good for health

Most people use wood for interior decoration for the house. But almost no one knows that there are some healthy woods. So what are the best types of wood for health? Let’s find out in this article!

  1. Agarwood wood

Based on the Wood Level, agarwood is one of the most expensive woods in Vietnam today. People who have a lot of money are not sure to buy it. Because it is extremely rare. Why is it so rare?

  • Agarwood works to cure incurable diseases and some types of cancer.
  • When burned, its scent also helps circulate meridians, acupuncture points to reduce stress, fatigue, relax your mind, relax.
  • In addition, frankincense wood has a very good meaning in feng shui. It brings wealth, luck, banish evil spirits and health for homeowners,

Note: Because of its rarity. When handling wood you have to be very careful. (You can refer to the Best Woodworking Books to know more about the best woodworking tools)

  1. Cypress wood

The second rare wood is cypress wood. The cypress wood gives a very unique and charming scent, that scent can be stored for hundreds of years without having to be opaque or using scratch paper. Some applications of cypress wood:

  • People use the essential oil of cypress wood very much in the cosmetics industry, especially the perfume industry.
  • In addition, it is very good for human health with the effect of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, good disinfection. You can also use oil of cypress to massage your body.
  1. Camphor wood

Camphor wood has a spicy taste, aroma. it has the effect of reducing rheumatism, diuretic, flatulence, sweating, except dysentery. Besides, Camphor oil has the effect of eliminating inflammation and detoxification.

  1. Dalbergia odorifera

Application of wood:

  • The wood used in processing high-quality wood. (Woodworking workers use
  • It also has the effect of melting swollen, sweating and supporting the heart.


Through the article, we tried to show you some precious and rare woods. Besides, there are many other precious and healthy woods that we have not shown in this article. Hope it useful for you!

Wood material for bed

Nowadays, there are many types of beds on the market with different designs, colors, and materials that can meet all the needs of users. However, choosing a really good and suitable economic product is not easy. Wood material is one of the problems that families need to find out carefully before buying.

Based on the Wood level. we divided into two categories.

  1. Bed from natural wood material.

Samples of natural wood beds are favored by high durability, providing outstanding advantages in time value. Three popular types of natural wood selected for bedding are walnut, oak and sapele wood. Samples of natural wood beds are favored by high durability, providing outstanding advantages in time value. Three popular natural kinds of wood selected for beds are walnut, oak and sapele wood.

  • Walnut wood: The biggest advantages of walnut wooden beds are firm, smooth, painless and suitable for many different ages. Moreover, this type of wood is very good in termite resistance
  • Oakwood: Oakwood is widely chosen as a bed by outstanding features such as firmness, impressive color, beautiful texture, and good impact resistance.
  • Sapele wood: With hard, beautiful, compressive and good strength characteristics, sapele wood becomes popular wood used for the bed. Bed from Sapele wood is less warped, cracked over time. Moreover, it resists termites.

In addition to the popular types of wood, there are also birch wood, mahogany, rose-wood, Iron-wood,… Although these types of wood have many benefits. But their price is quite expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

  1. Bed from industrial wood

Besides natural wood, industrial wooden beds are becoming more and more popular. Although it cannot be used as long as natural wood, industrial wooden beds have affordable prices, rich designs suitable for many architectural styles from classical, neoclassical to modern.

Moreover, woodworkers have used wood processing tools in Best Woodworking Books .. to make the most perfect products


Through the article, I presented two different types of wood for your reference to buying. Hope they are useful for you!

Decorate houses from wood chips

Wood materials are used a lot in interior decoration as well as home decoration. But the price of this material is quite expensive. You can make your living space more beautiful, more vivid with … wood chips. Why not? That is very simple.  You can make use of wooden bars that can be easily obtained from carpentry workshops, or reused from old wooden furniture. With your creativity, you can create a wealth of unique and luxurious furniture. Most importantly, you won’t lose any money to do that. Let ’s try the suggestions below!

  1. Chandelier from tree roots

Have you seen beautiful chandeliers from tree roots? This is really a good idea for the dining table and bar in your home!. How to make it very simple. You just need to tie the branches or roots of the tree together. Then, you dry, spray paint, stick candles, coil and hang them on the ceiling.

  1. Wood wall

Walls built from recycled wood are one of the hottest interior trends today. With this wall, depending on your preference, you can pair pieces of wood with different sizes or colors.

You can nail and hang additional decorations on it as you like.

  1. Chevron clothes hangers

This is a super simple way that still creates a unique space for your home. You can completely do it with just a tall wooden stick, a hand saw, and sandpaper to smooth the wood surface. Using a chainsaw to cut a wooden stick into a shape of hooks that look upwards like tree branches. Sanding for smooth wood surfaces. That’s done, you can put it in the corner of the door to hang your jacket.

  1. Wooden clothes hangers

If you need more space for your clothes, you try making a wooden clothes hanger with a leather hanger attached to the wall. Using Best Makita, drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Chainsaw  … to make your clothes hanger surer! This way will make your home space look like a fashion store – simple but sparkling,


I have provided some suggestions for you to decorate your home, room with wood chips. Hope it useful for you!

Homemade plant pots from milled wood

Typically, a plant pot is made of ceramic and porcelain. But if you are not careful, those ceramic pots are very fragile and ruin your tree. We can make wooden pots by ourselves. Why not? Making potted plants from wood is simple without cost but still very luxurious and unique. Let’s start to make it?

1. Raw materials
• 4 wooden panels with sizes of 14cm x 16cm. To make the edges of the pots
• A wooden board measuring 14cm x 14cm. To make the bottom of the pot
• Wood glue
• The nails
• Priming Paint.
• Paint water in white, blue (or paint color you like)
• Tapes to block paint.
• Paintbrush
• Pencil.
• Hammer and drill ( You should use the Best woodworking tools like Best Makita drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Cordless Drills, …)

2. How to do it
Step 1: First, you apply glue on the edges of the wood used for the bottom

Step 2: Now you put the wooden panels into squares like this


after that, you attach the wooden panels to the edge of the pot to the wooden plate to the bottom.
Step 3: To make sure the pot is sure, you use the hammer to nail on the dried glue.

Step 4: Next, you use primers and paint brushes to paint one or two coats of white primer on the basin.

Step 5: You can paint both inside and outside the pot! When the primer is dry, marking the locations you want to decorate with paint-resistant tape.

Step 6: Now, painting the blue paint on the edge of the pot where the tape is placed to prevent paint. After drying the paint, peel off the adhesive tape

Step 7: Leave pots to drain well, using a drill( as Best Makita drill, Best Dewalt drill, Best Cordless Drills, Best Drill Presses……) to drill some holes in the bottom of the pot. Then you plant plants in pots. it’s done.

With making pots like this, you can save money to buy decorative pots. Moreover, the plant pot made of wood is more durable than porcelain pots and ceramic pots.
if you can make a pot of wood from pieces of wood, you will be able to use it forever, until you want to leave it.

Let’s start making a wooden pot! You can create, draw funny, lovely shapes and highlight your own personality.

Elements that create value for a guitar

In the instrument market, Guitar is one of the most commonly used musical instruments. There are guitars that cost only a few hundred to buy. And there are guitars that cost tens of millions to buy. Why? That depends on the value of the instrument. So what are the factors that make a guitar worth? Let’s find out more useful information.

  1. Raw materials for making a guitar

The type of wood used to make a guitar also greatly affects the quality of the guitar, both in terms of sound and aesthetics. Therefore, the better the wood, the higher the value. That is why, there are only a few hundred thousand dollars in a guitar, but the number of instruments worth over a thousand dollars is not uncommon.

  1. Material handling techniques

Although, we have the most expensive rare woods in our hands. But it is not handled properly, it also takes away the price of that wood. Therefore, one of the factors that make up the value of the instrument is at the stage of material processing. After being purchased, the wood must be dried, soaked to reduce the moisture content of the wood and maintain its properties. To create a guitar with good sound quality and high durability.

  1. Techniques for making a guitar

The process of creating a guitar is extremely complex and elaborate. The guitar maker used modern tools such as Best Markita drill, Best wood chisels, Best Dewalt drill, Best Router Tools ….. to create a good and highly aesthetic instrument. Besides the production of craft herds. Fabricating flocks by modern technology is also developing. Each type of fabrication has different benefits depending on what the buyer needs.

  1. Human

One of the decisive factors for creating the value of a guitar is nothing more than a man or a craftsman’s skill. Guitar makers need to be skilled, professional and skillful to create guitar products that have good sound quality and beautiful designs. Moreover, to create a guitar that is not simple, artisans must devote themselves to completing a guitar.


Through the article, I hope you know more about the guitar in general and the factors that affect its value in particular. After that, you can choose the right guitar to satisfy your passion for music.

Interior Design with Wood

Nowadays, furniture is more and more modern and developed with different materials and designs. But wooden furniture is never outdated. Because of its durability, elegance, and classic, it creates a highlight for the whole house. In the article, I will show you some wooden furniture you can choose for your home.

  1. Wooden sofa set

The living room is the most important room in a house which is a place to welcome friends, relatives or family meeting after hard working and studying hours. Therefore, the beauty of the living room is the beauty of the house and shows the level of the owner who owns it.

The wooden sofa set is one of the favorite furniture used by many families. Extremely durable wooden sofa set. It is meticulously designed (using the best woodworking tools like Best wood chisels, Best Makita drill, Best circular saw, …) to create a perfect product with many different styles both modern and classic.

  1. Wooden kitchen shelves

It is not simply a place to cook, the kitchen is also the space of the family. Therefore, choosing furniture for the kitchen is also important.

Most families use wooden kitchen shelves. With the following advantages:

  • Easy to clean after using
  • Durable, firm, not afraid of termites
  • There are many styles and materials to choose to suit the price and shape of the house.
  • Finally, the advantages of natural wood are of high durability when exposed to water. Of course, it must be soaked and dried
  1. Wooden bed

A bedroom is where you rest after stressful and exhausting working hours. The bed has an important influence on the sleep and health of homeowners and other family members. A nice and comfortable bed will give you a good sleep and good health.

A Natural wooden bed is the best choice for you. Because:

  • The pleasant scent of wood helps your sleep more deep and delicious.
  • Create focal points for your bedroom and a warm and comfortable feeling.
  • It is not oxidized, sturdy, not worn in wet or dry environments. Especially with natural wood that adapts very well to human temperature, it gives people a warm feeling when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

Conclusion: Through the article, I tried to show some of the commonly used wooden furniture in the house. From the living room, kitchen room and bedroom. Hope it helps you in choosing wooden furniture.